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Top Sustainable Destinations and Green Travel Tips


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Costa Rica

Our world is so beautiful, so there are many ways to feel that beauty. Travelling can be recommended as one of the best ways out of them all. So, there are so many places you can choose to travel around the world. These purest gifts of mother nature have faced different threats due to irresponsible actions of travellers. This is the point where we should discuss eco-friendly travelling. We are responsible for protecting mother nature by following sustainable travelling methods and tips.

This article is a brief description on what is eco-friendly travelling, top sustainable destinations around the world and green travel tips.

1.  What Is An Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-friendly travel, or in other words, sustainable travel, is about positive travelling practices. Eco-friendly travel is simply the ability to travel around the world without doing any harmful activities to the environment. This does not only refer to protecting nature. It is also about balancing the well-being of humans, cultures and the economy of your travel destination. For that, we should understand the points where we cause damage to the environment while we are travelling. To reduce the damage, we should be responsible for planning our travels with sustainable solutions and following sustainable travelling tips.

2. Top Sustainable Destinations

Finding a sustainable travel destination is important to enabling sustainable travelling. Following are some of the world-famous sustainable travel destinations.

2.1 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the greenery islands, surrounded by blue mountains and forests. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This country is world famous for its biodiversity and natural wonders, which made it a sustainable destination too.

2.2 Rwanda

Rwanda is another world-famous sustainable destination. The Volcanoes National Park is one of the best places in Rwanda, which grabs the attention of eco-friendly travellers worldwide.

lake bohinj

2.3 Slovenia

Slovenia is a pleasant country in Central Europe. It is well-known for its beautiful mountains. It is a safe and affordable country for eco-friendly travellers. The Julian Alps, Lake Bled, and Lake Bohinj are some of the best gifts of nature, which are located in Slovenia.

2.4 Netherland

This eco-friendly and beautiful country is another sustainable travel destination in the world. There are many eye-catching natural destinations in this country, such as the Veluwe Region and Zeeland Beaches.

2.5 Finland

This is another greenery destination located in the north of Europe. Finland is considered as the country that has the cleanest air. More than half of this beautiful country is covered with forest. It makes this country an eco-friendly travel destination.

These are some top sustainable destinations all around the world. Most countries have developed sustainable travelling destinations in their countries to ensure the well-being of mother nature. It is very important to consider these eco-friendly and sustainable travel destinations. So, this is just an idea to plan your next trip.

3. Green Travel Tips

Selecting a sustainable travel destination doesn’t make your trip an eco-friendly trip. It is your responsibility to follow sustainable travel methods and techniques. To promote and protect the sustainability of mother nature, here are some green travel tips we can practice.

3.1 Try not to choose common travel destinations.

Most people tend to choose common, popular places for their trips. This can affect the nature and environment of that place negatively. Also, it can reduce your travelling experience too. So selecting less-traversed places for your trips will increase the quality of your travel, and it is helpful for nature to maintain its sustainability.

Electric Vehicles

3.2 Using eco-friendly transportation methods

3.2.1 Travelling through train

Travelling by train is very entertaining. It is one of the most eco-friendly travelling options out of all others. It emits 66-75% less carbon emissions than other modes of transportation. They are better than other ways of transportation in terms of energy use, space usage, and sustainability.

3.2.2 Cycling

Cycling is another best eco-friendly travel tip method that benefits the environment and personal well-being. It’s a mode of transportation with zero-emission because it produces no harmful pollutants or gasses. Due to that, it can be known as one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel short distances. Cycling releases a minimum amount of carbon into the air compared to other ways of transportation. Therefore, it is a good choice for eco-friendly travellers.

3.3.3 Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries. They have electricity stored inside them. They usually produce zero tailpipe emissions. Using these vehicles can reduce air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. They also can be charged from renewable energy sources. Moreover, they are also able to reduce carbon emissions. 


So, eco-friendly travel is an important movement, and by adopting those sustainable travel practices, travellers can positively impact the planet. Many top Sustainable destinations showcase nature’s beauty while promoting conservation and responsible tourism. In addition to choosing sustainable destinations, it allows travellers to get greenery experiences.

Travellers should practice green travel tips, including using eco-friendly transportation, minimizing plastic waste, and supporting local businesses prioritizing sustainability. So It is obvious that by making conscious choices about our travel habits, we all can contribute to more sustainability.


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